Export tag and file information

Menu File > Export

With Mp3tag you can export file and tag information of your audio collection to files with user-defined file formats. You can either use one of the predefined export configurations to export file information to Excel via the CSV export configuration, let Mp3tag create a nicely looking HTML playlist with one of the html export configurations or you create an export configuration by yourself where you can freely decided on the file format and the layout.
An export configuration consists of a unique name, a filename for the exported file and the definition of the file format. The file format is defined by you, so it's possible to create, e.g., HTML, XML, CSV, batch file or LaTeX output.

Mp3tag features a simple template language which can be used to loop over artists, albums and arbitrary other tag fields. The tag and file informations are represented by placeholders, which are replaced when doing the export. You can find an overview of all valid placeholders and an example at Configuration, Export.

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