Tag Sources

Menu Tag Sources

This dialog is used for confirming and adjusting the tag information that is queried through freedb, a local freedb database or a web source.

Adjust tag information

You can adjust the information in the 'Tracks' and 'Addional information' lists by clicking on the item twice.

If there is artist and title information in the title field of the tag, you can split this field via the Utils > Compilation-button. Within this dialog, you can provide a format string, which describes the format of the title field via placeholders, where %title% gets copied to the title field and %artist% gets copied to the artist field.


Title: Tom Waits / Underground
Format string: %artist% / %title%

Assign track information to files

To adjust the assignment from tags to files, you can use the 'Move up' and 'Move down' buttons on the right side of the file list.

Automatically sort files to match the order of the tracks

The Utils button contains items to automatically suggest a sorting of your files according to the title or the length. If you are not satisfied with the result, just select the menu item again to revert to the initial order.

Select how album art should be imported

If the web source provides album art, you can enable saving of album art to the tag and/or the directory of the file via the Utils button. The menu items Extract cover... allows for saving the cover at a user-defined location.

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