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Tag Sources

Default file name for cover art

You can specify the default file name for saving cover art at the web sources dialog. Placeholders like %artist% can be used for the file name.

MusicBrainz Cover Size

MusicBrainz offers cover art in different sizes via the Cover Art Archive. The Original size can be quite large, so in addition to that, this option allows for setting a preferred size of 250, 500, or 1200 pixels. It's automatically used for all MusicBrainz tag sources.

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freedb Server


The name of the freedb-configuration e.g. FREEDB in USA.
You can get the current list of freedb-servers, by pressing the Current list of freedb-servers button. This will restore all changes made to the mirror list from the freedb server.


Location of the freedb server e.g. San Jose (USA)


Your email-address for logging onto the freedb-server. Your email-address will only be used for handshaking with the freedb server!


Domain name of the freedb server, e.g.


URL to the freedb server program, e.g. /~cddb/cddb.cgi.


Port of the freedb server.

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freedb General

Copy disc-id to comment field

This option copies the disc-id to the comment field of the tag when tagging from freedb.

Copy disc-id to DISCID field

This option copies the disc-id to the DISCID field of the tag when tagging from freedb.

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Local freedb

You can enter the path to your local freedb database here, if you want to use one. Please note, that accessing the database based on the audio files is not available at local databases. You'll need to create a local index if you like to use the text search option on local freedb databases. This will take a while...

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