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Auto-completition at selection-boxes

This option enables/disables auto-completion at input fields.

Don't sort case sensitive

Mp3tag handles uppercase characters the same way as lowercase characters at sorting, when this option is enabled.

Automatically select next file when editing in file view

When you're editing a file directly in the file view using a delayed double click and have this option enabled, Mp3tag will jump to the next file after you've finished editing one file.

Display grid lines in file view

This option is a tri-state option. If it's enabled, the lines in the file view are displayed in alternate colors. If it's enabled but grayed out, the file view is drawn with real grid lines.

Use natural sorting

This option enables natural sorting (1, 2, 11, ...) within Mp3tag.

Select files automatically

This option enables the automatic selection of files that are added to Mp3tag's file view.

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Options to enable/disable certain message dialogues that are displayed after operations in Mp3tag.

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This option enables reading of subdirectories.

Favorite directory

You can enter a favorite directory here and quickly jump to this directory with the File > Favorite directory command.

Cover art directory

With this option you can specify a default directory that is displayed when adding cover art. Besides fully-qualified path names, you can provide relative path names and use placeholders. If no default directory is specified or the directory cannot be opened, Mp3tag opens the directory of the first selected file iff it contains cover art or the current working directory in all other cases.

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Color Mode

This option allows to set the used color mode starting with Windows 10 version 1809. It provides options for Dark, Light, and Default (which uses the system setting).

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