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With this dialog you can specify external applications to work directly from Mp3tag's main window via the context-menu of the file view. You can create up to 99 external applications here. The first ten tools can also be started by the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2, ... to Ctrl + 0.


Name of tool. This name will show up as menu item in the context-menu of the file view.


Full file path to the external application.


Optional command line parameters. You can use the following placeholders:

%_path%Long filename
%_filename_ext%Short filename
%_filename%Short filename without extension
%_filename_rel%Relative file path
%_folderpath_rel%Relative folderpath

for all selected files

By enabling this option, Mp3tag will run the tool for every selected file.

Please read this topic from the Frequently Asked Questions for sample tool configurations.

Default tool

If you want Mp3tag to start a special program at double clicks, you can select one of the tools from the dropdown list.

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